Ever Considered Traveling Africa by Train ?

Traveling Africa by train is an amazing way to see the landscape and travel the continent at a more relaxed pace. Sure, flying from one destination to the next is way quicker but you miss out on the the unique experiences in between.The railway infrastructure, particularly in southern Africa is pretty solid and with a bit of planning and research, the more intrepid traveler can plot out a truly exciting adventure. Zanzibar in Tanzania, although an island and not accessible by train, has become a popular holiday destination for tourists from all over the world. There are two railway lines operating in Tanzania, the Tazara line and the Central Line, operated by Tanzania Railways Limited.

The joy about visiting Tanzania or Zanzibar is having the opportunity to visit different places. Zanzibar is not just constricted to one town but has many villages and other places to see. With different towns and cities, come different kinds of traditions, social status and culture. The Tazara railway line and Central Railway Line are fantastic ways to explore the country. Both Railway lines offer a choice of 1st, 2nd and 3rd class, as well as sleeper coaches.Nungwi is a small dwelling located in Zanzibar North of Tanzania. It has a total of 8000 people residing in it. Not so small after all huh?
Nungwi is located about an hour’s drive from the airport. The distance has some advantages and disadvantages to it. On the up side, if you further from the airport, you are not exposed to the noise the airplanes make. Some people are light and sensitive sleepers. On the low, you might miss your flight if you don’t leave your hotel on time. Nungwi is also home to some of the best zanzibar accommodation options.
There is a local bus called “Dala Dala” which takes you to Stone Town or the markets. The good thing about the Dala Dala is that it leaves every ten minutes so if you missed it; you just have to wait for another ten minutes before the next one arrives. Such convenience! The markets sell anything you can imagine from food to crafts.
Nungwi is the most prevalent beach in Zanzibar simply because it gives you a variety of activities to do. There are fishermen who get up very early in the morning to make sure you get the fattest fish of them all. If you looking for a great tuna meal or just get a glimpse on how fishermen do their work, visiting the fishermen is not such a bad idea.
If you have one of the best beaches in Zanzibar, the next best thing you would have are deluxe hotels and resorts. Nungwi clearly doesn’t disappoint because it has some of the most amazing hotels.  The Hideaway of Nungwi Resort and Spa is a hotel fit for a king and queen. It offers the best accommodation, food and spa treatment money can buy.
The last thing you need when on vacation is discomfort in terms of accommodation and hospitality. The Hideaway of Nungwi Resort and Spa has 100 rooms which give guests the option of choosing which room or package best suits their needs. The Resort and Spa is quite big and space and this gives guests plenty of space to feel at home. This Zanzibar holiday resort is a real gem and has proven to be extremely popular with tourists in recent years.
There are shops around that sell crafts and other items. The best thing to do is to buy something the minute you see it because you might not see the same shop again. Unlike the common stores that we know that have same stores in different towns, Zanzibar and Nungwi markets are slightly different from the stores that we are familiar with.
Beach walks are one of the best things to do when visiting Nungwi. As simple as it sounds, you will be surprised how much change a beach walk in the sun can do. Looking at the crystal turquoise blue waters brings so much tranquility. Also this gives you an opportunity of getting to know the people at bit better and hopefully start making new friends.
You have to be great if you are listed in the top 100 right? Nungwi has been listed in the top 100 beaches according to CNN in 2014. That is surely an amazing achievement and it goes without saying that Nungwi has been recognized as one of the greatest beaches in the world.
Nungwi continues to host tourists and local residents and a game of volleyball is sport everybody might be interested to play. The great thing about a volleyball game in Nungwi is that everybody is welcome so come out and play!

Tanzania is not the only destination in Southern Africa that can be explored using the railway line and traveling by train. Zambia, Zimbabwe, with destinations like Victoria Falls are also very popular and will be covered in one of our future articles.

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