Shosholoza Meyl Premier Classe

Shosholoza Meyl Premier Classe trains offer dedicated and safe luxury passenger train travel services in South Africa on routes Johannesburg – Cape Town – Durban and Port Elizabeth. Priced competitively, Premier Classe trains are less expensive and a great alternative to all other luxury train travel services in South Africa.

Premier Classe trains have refurbished air-conditioned deluxe sleeper cars with more space than tourist class trains; i.e. One passenger per 2-berth coupé, Two passengers per 4-berth compartment. Bedding and luxury amenities are inclusive and there is a special restaurant car, a lounge car and the train fare includes all meals, tea/coffee and soft drinks. During the day, sleeper compartments are converted into suites with hot and cold water from a basin underneath a fold-up table.

Shosholoza Meyl Tourist Class and Premier Classe trains are perfectly safe to travel on, and can even be recommended for families and women travelling alone. Sleeping compartments have both a normal lock and a security lock which cannot be opened from the outside, and the train manager and his assistants do a good job looking after their passengers.

People who tell you that ‘trains in South Africa are unsafe’ have probably never been on one, and are confusing these excellent and safe Shosholoza Meyl trains with the suburban Metro trains around the big cities which they see adversely reported on South African TV.

It goes without saying that the high-end Premier Classe and Blue Train services are very safe, too.  Having said that, you should take advice before walking into Johannesburg city centre. Johannesburg station (Park Station) itself is relatively safe and well-patrolled with security guards and CCTV, but surrounding streets may not be, so arrange a car to pick you up at the station entrance.

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